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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Improvements and Another Family Weekend

Saturday, July 1
On Friday the oncologist told Tim to start taking 1/2 of a steroid pill to help his breathing problems.  And I have not given him the anxiety pill for several days.  The steroid has helped in several ways.  He has not woke up feeling like he can't breathe.  He is eating more.  His strength is coming back.  Thank You, Lord!

Eating brunch at IHOP with Jessica and gang on Friday.

Jessica took the kids to Liz's to swim in the afternoon so Tim would be able to rest and nap. They ate supper with her and then came home to spend some time with her dad.  We were up til 10:30 or later talking.  She wanted Tim to talk about his life growing up.  I wish I had recorded it.  Hannah came home with her to spend the night.  Thad stayed with Ryan.  Chance was running a low-grade fever and wanted to come back with his mom.

I worked on the Sunday meal:  Tacos and dessert was Chance's birthday "cake' of dirt pudding.
Doing some reading outside where he was warm!  He freezes all of the time lately.  That's why he is wearing long sleeves and blue jeans!

Sunday, July 2
I woke up nauseous again today.  The meds didn't even help.  Actually, as I type this the stomach is still messed up!  So, I ended up staying home from church this morning.  Chance was feeling better and went to church.  Sharon covered me for Sunday school by taking Hannah into her class with Chance.  And, even Araya wanted to go.  That was a change for her.  Normally, she wants to stay with mommy.

Liz, Brad and the rest of the kids came for church.  Liz posted this on Facebook:
"Went to my parent's church this morning since my sister and her crew were in for the weekend. Many of you know that my dad hasn't been able to preach since his brain cancer really started to affect him physically in May. I'm so thankful for their church family who wants nothing more than to see their pastor healed and back in the pulpit.

"Today the church member who has been filling in for dad read this verse: James 5:15 "And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him." Then everyone in the church gathered around dad as he prayed over him. It was such a special sight to see and be part of!"

Yes, we are so thankful for our church family!  They really do love their pastor!  They gathered around us tonight and prayed again!  Thank You, Lord, for this special family you gave us to minister to!

We celebrated Chance's birthday today after lunch.  And the movie is too big to post, so I don't have any pictures of him blowing out the candles.

Brad has learned to just grin and bear it when I stick a camera in his face!

The people at church noticed the improvement in Tim's condition today!  Thank You, Lord!  After church Tim ate a good supper and had some fruit, too!  It is so wonderful to see him eating!

We cut the steroid into fourths tonight to see if it would still help his breathing.  If need be, I'll give him another 1/4 in the morning.  He hasn't been sleeping as much during the day since being on the steroid and off the anxiety med, but I still want him to take a good nap in the afternoon!  

Tim told me he saw the hummingbird at the feeder this afternoon.  So, we went outside after he ate supper and waited to see if the hummer would come back.  We were not disappointed!  YAY!!
He usually goes to the feeder.....

.....while she usually stays on the ground.

YAY!!!  I'm so glad to see this little creature!  I hope he brings his friends!  But, they are pretty territorial, so he probably wants to keep the feeder all to himself!

What amazing little creatures they are!

And now it is bedtime!