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Friday, April 21, 2017

Eat, Eat, Eat.......

WOW!  The ONLY thing I don't like (believe it or not) about revival time is that it seems like all we do is eat!  I like to eat, BUT........I just canNOT eat the way I used to!  And it starts with breakfast!  I'm not a breakfast eater.....I generally eat BRUNCH!  But, since Tim and the speaker get going with making visits, etc, I have breakfast ready for 8:00.  And it is usually a BIG breakfast!  A lot more than I am used to eating, anyway.   I know, I know what you are saying, "So don't eat!"  But, since I've taken the time to fix bet your sweet bippy that I'm gonna eat it, LOL!  Anyway.........

It HAS worked out better this week, however.  Tim and the preacher eat lunch while they are out.  I told Tim, please do NOT come back for me to eat with you!  That way I can skip lunch.  Then, by supper, I am ready to eat again.....generally.  Even then, I had to bring half of my meal home with me tonight because I couldn't eat it all!

But, the positive note is that everyone is so willing to help us feed the preacher.  We had several people give us money to take him out for lunch and supper.  Thank you so much!

And, as it turned out today, the preacher wanted to take us to breakfast as a thank you for our hospitality!  And we went to IHOP late enough that it was brunch.  Then we came back to the house and didn't leave again until time for supper.  The men talked and rested.  I was on Pinterest most of the afternoon.  But, first I took some bird pictures:

The light shining on his back did strange things to the coloring on his wings.  Reminds me of a skull.

I love the bird-watching mode on my camera.  It allows you to capture a burst of 5 pictures at once.  And because of that, you can capture a lot of movement, like this female goldfinch flying into my picture.

I love capturing the birds in the trees more than at the feeders.

Mr. and Mrs. making eye contact.  :D

Mrs. House finch reminds me of an albino, except that her eyes are black.

I love to hear the mockingbird "sing"

This is a new bird I saw today.  But, I didn't get a chance to get many photos of it.  I'm thinking it is a gray flycatcher.  Here is a photo from the internet.  Do you agree with me?...............

Mr. Bluebird


Do you see the bee?
And that's it for me today!  Time to do a little reading before bed.