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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Shenanigans

I stayed up until almost 3 a.m. finishing the first book in a new (for me) series by Terri Blackstock.  The series is called, Cape Refuge Series.  I read, Cape Refuge.  Tonight, I will start the second book, Southern Storm.  So, since I was up later than usual, I slept until 9:30, but didn't get up until about 9:45.  And you know the Saturday routine after that.....check e-mail, check Facebook, cleaning and laundry.

After lunch I took Lori to Walmart to buy some adult diapers for the lady she cares for and some food and drinks for her for about 2 weeks.  And, of course, I got a few things while there.

When I got back home, I continued working in laundry.  Tim decided he wanted to fix a meatball hoagie for his supper.  He fried some green pepper and onions to go on it, made some french fries and ate in front of the TV to watch basketball.  So, I had a leftover pork chop on a bun.  I ate a few fries that Tim couldn't finish.

YUM! (actually, I personally do not like meatball subs)

While I was doing laundry, I worked on various photo challenges.  Here's those photos:
Prompt:  numbers

Prompt:  bloom

Prompt:  selfie (those are the 2 windows I do my bird-watching through)

Prompt:  fold

Prompt:  liquid
Prompt:  game.  This puzzle turned out to be of love birds (from Jig Zone dot com)

Now, the only thing wrong with these photos is.......these prompts were for March 31st, NOT April 1!  Guess this is an April Fools on me!  :D

It was a beautiful day today!  But, by the time I made it outside to do some bird-watching early this evening, the breeze was really chilly!  Here's some photos from the day:
Beautiful day!

I had to go back inside and get my hoodie.  This is where I do my bird-watching from.  It keeps me relatively hidden from the bird feeder, but still gives me a good angle.
Here's the view I have between the cars.

I can even spy on the neighbor.  Lori ended up with poison oak (she thinks) on her arm from working out in the yard earlier in the week.  I think she and Traci are out checking out where she got into it.

Another project I have started.

I used white gesso to remove some of the color to make them more soft and muted.  I'll show you more later.  I'm planning on selling these at the Consignment shop.

Well, that was my day, for the most part.  Now, here's a look at the bird photos for the day:
Brown-headed cow birds.  These 3 were hanging out together yesterday.  I read today that the female does not bother with building a nest.  She lays her eggs in someone else's nest and abandons the babies.  WOW!  How would you like to have a mother like that?!  I've known a few mothers who let other mothers "foster" their kids!

Our bluebirds never go to the feeder.  They have only fed from the ground.

House finch.  This is a male.  The females are not red.  Here's an internet picture of a female.......

This robin was sure singing today.  I don't see them much in the trees, usually on the ground.

I caught him singing.

Tufted titmouse.

This is a crow that I took a picture of across the field in a tree in Lori's back yard.

Chickadee.  I learned that chicadees and tufted titmice often flock together.  But, I've also seen chickadees run the tufted titmouse away from the feeder.  They may be little, but they can hold their own!

Dark-eyed junco.  I have seen them at the feeder, but mostly they forage on the ground.  They are in the sparrow family.

The beautiful male Cardinal.

The not-so-pretty female cardinal.....but certainly not ugly!

Both of them in the tree.

I finally caught a blue jay, but he sure didn't hang around for very long.

He grabbed a seed and was gone!  A huge bird!

Well, that is it for my day!  Have a blessed Lord's Day!