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Monday, April 24, 2017

Markin' 'Em Off.....One by One!

Well, our plans for the day didn't pan out the way we wanted them to, but we still had a great day!  The all-day rain kinda messed it up, but that's OK.  We just went to the thrift stores all day!  I absolutely LOVE going to new (to us) Goodwills so I get a new batch of books to look through.  My biggest list I'm looking for is the list I have of author Debbie Macomber.  Today, I was able to mark off TEN books!  WOOHOO!  One by One!  Tomorrow, we will stop at more on the way back home!  Another good thing is that I paid $1.00 per book instead of $1.49, which is what Goodwills at home raised their paperback books to this year.

Here's today's activities and pictures:

It was chilly out with the rain, but tomorrow is supposed to be warmer.
Our start to the day.....Holiday Inn Express breakfast bar.........

I actually didn't get a picture of what I chose to eat.....cinnamon rolls!  They were by the coffee on another counter.

We stopped in the Visitor's Center, left our car parked there and walked to the City Market.  There were all kinds of restaurants, but of course we had just eaten, so that didn't do us any good.  And most of the places we wanted to visit, as recommended by the lady at the Visitor's Center, wasn't open for whatever reason, or we couldn't find.  We probably spent half an hour walking around in the drizzle when we decided to give it up and go thrifting.

I love this and plan to make one on canvas.
JACKPOT!!!!!  ALL Debbie Macomber!

But, after checking my list (and checking it twice) I ended up taking the short stack home.  That's OK!  Markin' 'em off one by one!  :D

So, our hotel keys had an ad for a free onion with the purchase of an entree at Jersey Lily's, 2 miles from the hotel.

Here's the story behind the name of the restaurant.

Tim ordered steak and potatoes.  These are the mushrooms he was served!  OY VEY!  He did NOT eat them!  And, neither did I!  I ordered the chicken and dumpling soup.  Then we got a dessert of brownie and ice cream.
Yes, that is a Hershey's candy bar melting on top of the hot brownie!  We were going to stop at Dollar General on the way back to the hotel to pick up some snacks for tonight, but after that dessert, we decided we didn't need to stop!  :D

My baby is plum tuckered out!  We went to bed at 9:45 last night.  He was awake at 4:30, but laid there til 5:30 and got up, got dressed and went down to the restaurant to watch the Today show and eat breakfast.  I got up around 7 and got ready for the day and then took care of my e-mail, etc.  When he came back up to the room, he went back down to the restaurant with me.  This may be another early night tonight!

But, for now, I'm going to read (while the TV is off and it is quiet)!

Lord, thank You for a full, yet relaxing day today!  Be with us as we travel home tomorrow!  Thank You for Your love, mercy and grace.  In Jesus' name I give thanks and praise, AMEN!