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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tim Had a Bad Day Today

Yesterday gave me hopes that we had turned a corner and Tim was possibly becoming adjusted to the seizure medicine.  But, that is not the case.  Today, after a good night's sleep, he has slept about all day.  He slept in his recliner.  He napped in bed.  He slept again in the recliner.  He also ran a fever again today.  I measured it at 100.6.  His appetite still is not what it normally is.  He has even had a slight headache today.  He NEVER has a headache!  Can I just say that I  H.A.T.E.  seeing him like this!  Lord, PLEASE stop the hemorrhaging in his brain so he can stop taking this medicine!

If the hemorrhaging does not stop, the brain MRI doctor said "they" can drill a hole in his skull and stick a needle in with a cold laser and cauterize the bleeding area.  There is only one doctor at Baptist that does this.  Let's pray that the bleeding stops on its own before that becomes necessary!

Today was a busy day for me.  I cleaned and did the normal laundry.  I also completed another sewing project for the nursery.  Then I took a break and took some pictures of some wildflowers in the field next to us and the irises at church.

I also washed the bed linens in the guest room after our son spending last Sunday night.  That room is ready for the revival evangelist later this coming week.  Finally, after supper was done, the kitchen was clean, the sewing stuff put away, and the laundry done, I went outside to do some bird watching.  Tim joined me for a few minutes before it started getting dark and the birds were finally done eating.

Here are some pictures and movies.

Sewing Project

I mentioned that I wanted to make some pillow cases for 3 little pillows at church if I had enough of the material left over from the tote project.  I had just enough and even had some left over to maybe make a spread for the nursery, too.......some other time!  :D  I had 30" of material that I divided into 3 pieces.

I mitered the corners on the bottom.  I like how the material along the selvage gave the pillow case a nice border.

One done, two more to go.

It took me a lot longer to make them than it could have because I finished all of the seams with, I believe, a French seam.  I folded the edge of the seam under and ran another line of stitching so the material will not fray when washed.  Wasn't necessary, but it looks much nicer, too.  I did the same thing with the tote cover.

Voila!  Finished!
Wildflowers and Irises
Love the purple and yellow!

So pretty!

What a beautiful day!

Love wild daisies.

It's hard to tell, but the flowers in the foreground are yellow with the white daisies next and then the blue purple flowers behind.  Beautiful!

Love buttercups, too!

The Birds Their Carols Raise!

The wind-blown look!

A nice smile, even though he was not feeling it!

Morning doves.  A fourth one flew when I pointed the camera at them.

My petunias around the bird bath.

A bird of a different sort.

Have a WONDERFUL Easter! Hallelujah!  Christ Arose!