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Monday, April 10, 2017

It Happened Around the Feeder

I woke to not just one pair of Goldfinches at the feeder this morning, but three!!  And the males were not sharing, LOL!  I had planned to buy some more thistle seed today, but after seeing the "cat fights," I decided to get another feeder, too.  I got one that would allow 6 to feed at one time.  So far, that isn't happening either!  I may end up having to get another thistle feeder!

After getting groceries and coming back to the house, I filled both the new and old thistle feeders.  Then I rearranged them a bit.  I moved the new one to the old spot, but a little further away from the suet cake.  Then I hung the old one on a shepherd's hook closer to the house.  I also moved the lighthouse feeder a little further out on the limb.  I was trying to work everything so I would have a good view of them all from my craft room.

After I got all of the feeders rearranged, I worked on the church sign for the week.  And then I took some more of the toys I had cleaned in the dishwasher back over to the nursery.  Next, I went to the fellowship hall to finish sweeping and cleaning and setting up the tables for the church dinner we will have after revival a week from this coming Sunday.

By that time, Tim was ready to lie down for a nap.  He has really been tired and sleepy since starting the seizure medicine.  I looked up the effects of Keppra and being tired and sleepy were some of the side effects.  I sure pray that spot on his brain that is hemorrhaging clears up soon!  Tim is just not himself.  He is forgetting words more and more.  He also has been having problems with shortness of breath.  He has trouble singing songs at church and leading the music wears him out.  Yesterday he seemed to lean on or against the pulpit quite a bit.  One of the ladies after the service last night asked me if the pastor was OK.  I told her I didn't think so.  She said everyone noticed it and is concerned.  Me, too!

And today after he woke up from his nap, he put his hooded sweatshirt on and wrapped up in a blanket in his lounge chair.  I had been outside reading.  When I came in to begin getting ready for the Assisted Living services tonight, I went to him to see if he was feeling OK because he was flushed.  I asked him if he was running a fever.  He told me I needed to find out, so I tested it and it was 99.9.  I gave him a tylenol and fixed him some dinner.  I was glad he ate and said it was good, so I was thrilled because another side effect of the seizure medicine is loss of appetite.  We don't need him not eating because it does bad things to him.

I knew he wasn't feeling well when he said he didn't think he would attend the services tonight.  I have a tendency to want to go into panic mode when he is not feeling well.  I cannot help it!  I start feeling sick to my stomach.  The services did me some good tonight because it took my mind off of Tim for the most part.  He seems to be feeling better right now.  At least he is not huddled in his chair with a blanket and hoodie on!  And he was sitting up at the computer when I got home.  Please pray the temperature was a fluke and will not cause anything else!

Photos from today:

Calvin worked all morning on pressure washing at the church.

Feeder Photos:

The goldfinches BEFORE I got the additional feeder:
Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch

No room to land


Mr. Goldfinch no. 1 giving Mr. Goldfinch no. 2 a piece of his mind.

Mr. Goldfinch no. 2 saying, "What did you say to me?"

The new setup

Mr. Bluebird, another beauty!

Chipping Sparrow

I'm stuck!

Not really stuck!

Chickadee breaking into a seed

I think it's stuck!

Mr. and Mrs. Brown-headed Cow Bird

Dark-eyed Junco

Mrs. Bluebird

I believe this is Mr. and Mrs. House Finch

I am thoroughly enjoying watching the birds!  Hope you are enjoying the pictures as much as I am enjoying sharing them with you!  My next project is going to be adding a clematis to vine up the bird bath.  I still need to work on getting the bath more level, too.