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Monday, March 20, 2017

A Beautiful Monday

After a week of chilly temperatures, the 65 degrees today was a nice change!  Here's my day in photos:

First order of business.....change the sign.

The last hyacinth is still going strong!
I spied something new popping through the ground.  Might be tulips.
The morning dove.

Couldn't focus in on this moon very well.

Look at how blue the sky was today!

Making a half gallon of tea.  We like our tea brewed.  NO instant tea for us!

So, I talked Tim into taking me to get pizza for lunch.  On the way back we needed to make a pit stop at Walmart to make the deposit and grab a few grocery items.  Tim made a pit stop before Walmart's stop at the Goodwill.  He found this book for me.

Here's a book I found.

It has several different prints in it.  There are also blank kraft paper pages to do your own art work on, or journaling, or whatever you want.

That closed eye looks out of place to me.

This name sticker was on the inside of the front cover.  I did a google search for her name and found a girl on facebook with this name.  I contacted her to see if this is her art.  I have not heard from her yet.

Beautiful sky.

The stream that runs under the bridge just before getting to our house.

Love the sound of babbling brooks!

Standing on the other side of the bridge.

Not a pretty on this side.
Today's supper for me.  Tim had a turkey sandwich.
And the rest of the evening was spent working on a new checkbook program, transferring all of the entries from the old program, Quicken 98' to Microsoft Money 2000.

I'm working on getting everything moved over to the laptop Michael gave to me last September.  My old laptop keeps giving me the blue screen of death!  So, I needed to get this done before it was too late!

I will also be installing the Photoshop program Michael bought for me several years ago.  I just need to get it done.  I keep putting it off.  JUST DO IT!!

OK, time to read!  Nite!