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Sunday, March 12, 2017

No Snow!!!

Well, we did have flurries (about 3 flakes, maybe)!  It was different all around us.  Someone about 7 miles from here had sleet.  Someone about 5 miles in the other direction had a dusting.  Our daughter in Salisbury got enough to cover the ground, but it was gone in a couple of hours.  It warmed up some, but it was still very cold today.....40's, I guess.  I'll take that over snow!  The sun shone beautifully today!

The blooms are gone and being replaced by green leaves

Sky after church.

Blocking the baby blanket

A bib I made today that is being blocked

With the added button.  Cute!

With the leftover yarn from the bib I am hoping to have enough to make a washcloth.  The yarn, as if you can't tell, is called, Camouflage.

We had a great crowd for church this morning.  A few were sick, but they were made up with visitors.  We had 22 in attendance, if I counted correctly.  But, tonight was a different story.  Only 10 made it back out to the services.

Have a great week!  It's going to be busy for us!