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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sharing Our Day

Lori McNew, who is a member of our church and is our next door neighbor on the other side of the field next to our house, went gallivanting in High Point with us today.  Her car is in the shop and she is stuck at the house unless someone takes her where she needs to go. So, we had her accompany us on our thrifting trip today.  I think she enjoyed herself.

After we went to the first two shops we stopped for lunch at Carters Brothers BBQ for lunch.  I made an observation during lunch.  Have you ever noticed the differences in the order in which people eat their food?  We all 3 ordered cheeseburgers and fries.  I ate all of my cheeseburger before I ate my fries.  Lori ate all of her fries before she ate her cheeseburger.  And Tim alternated between his cheeseburger and fries.  There has probably been some government-funded study that would tell me what this observation means, but I don't care THAT much!  :D

My handsome guy.

Anyway, after we ate, we made 3 more stops before we were ready to head back towards the house.  I asked Tim if he wanted to go to some more around the house, but he said no!  NO!  I was shocked!  He said he was tired!  So, I asked Lori if she was up to doing some more thrifting, which she was, so we dropped Tim off at the house, took a potty break and headed back out.
Tim came up to me in one of the stores holding this and asked me, "You can drive a stick, right?"  Then he showed this to me!  Funny guy!  :D

We went to the Goodwill near downtown and then trekked across town to a craft shop, Cricket's Nest, that I am interested in possibly doing some crafting for to try and sell there.  It costs $25 to join and $20 for renewal each year.  They mark up the price I put on the item by 15% for their share.  The items stay in the shop for 90 days before you have to take them back if they do not sell.  So, I am seriously thinking about it!
It was a beautiful, clear, CRISP COLD, not-as-windy-as-yesterday day today.

As soon as Lori and I got back, around 4:30, Tim and I left to get supper.  We ate at Outback for a change.  LOVE that bloomin' onion!!
This was probably the best onion we have ever gotten because it was actually nice and crispy all the way to the bottom of the onion blossom! 

I had a pork porterhouse with mashed potatoes and a salad.  Tim had baby back ribs with a baked potato.  I brought home half of my meal and he brought home a little bit of the ribs.  Plus the waitress gave us a loaf of the brown bread!  She got a NICE tip, don't you know!  :D

When we got back home, I decided to try to capture some bird pictures.

Mocking bird in the half-dead tree by the back door.

Morning Dove in the neighbor's tree across the field.

OOPS!  Never fear!  This is a kid's toy in the neighbor's yard next to the church.

Tim going back to the house after locking the church up for the evening.
So, there you have it!  Another thrifting day in the books.  The only thing we bought was a set of drawers and a jumbo crossword puzzle book.  I'm going to do some searching to see what kind of stuff sells best at a craft consignment store before doing some reading.