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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

For the Birds

I took lots of pictures of birds today.  Some here at the house and some at the neighbor's (Lori).  So, I'll share those first.

Morning dove on the roof of the neighbor's garage on the other side of Lori.

Robin taken by our car port.

Another one out in the back yard.

Morning dove on the telephone or electric line in front of the house.
A very small bird eating up near the fellowship hall.  I was standing by the church doors when I took these.

I found out this is a Dark-eyed Junco, which is in the American Sparrow family.

I got some great pictures of the bluebirds today.

I hadn't seen them near the bird box since Tim cleaned out all of the old nesting.  

They are so pretty!

Coming in for a landing.

I really didn't see anything in their beaks, so I don't know if there are babies in there or what.

I'm pretty sure this was one of the bluebirds in a tree over on the neighbor's property next to the church.
I about cut it's head off, but this robin was in one of Lori's trees in front of her house.  It was singing up a storm.
There's the morning dove again in one of the trees out back of Lori's house.  Not sure what bird is flying off.  I finally saw another morning dove along with this one, too, but it flew off before I could get both of them together.

And this was in one of Lori's trees.

It has red on it's forehead and throat and upper chest.

From all of these pictures, I have determined it matches a picture of a House finch from the internet.
And, it is hard to see, but I am pretty sure this is a hawk that was sitting on one of Lori's trees.

Today's breakfast:  toast with butter, blackberry jelly and bacon.  I actually like grape jelly better with bacon.

Calvin came to add pine needles down in front of the church.  The yard work has begun!

I took Lori to the doctor today for some therapy on her hip and arm.  While she went inside, I stayed in the car and did my Bible work.  And then I got out and walked around to take some pictures, hoping to capture some bird pictures.  But the only thing related to a bird I got was a picture of an empty bird's nest.

The wind was blowing my hair every which way!

Empty bird's nest

It was after I got home from taking Lori to the doctor that I went outside to take pictures, including the bird pictures above.  I went to Lori's after supper to take pictures over there.  There are some beautiful cardinals that I see flying over there, but, of course, they were hiding from me tonight!
LOVE the shape of these hyacinth flowers AND the deep purple color!

Dandelion.  They are a nuisance, but they are a beautiful shade of yellow!
After the yellow is gone.

The little neighbor kids playing in the church parking lot.

Just because.

OK, there you have it!  Time to do some reading before bed!  Nite!