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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Crocheted Pee Pee Tee Pee for Baby Boys

I did this as a separate post so that I could share something I worked up today.  I've been crocheting and knitting baby items for a young woman who used to attend our church and is pregnant with a boy.  I will be attending a baby shower for her this coming Sunday.

I decided to make all of the gifts for her since I have such a stash of yarn that it is pathetic!  Anyway, after making some smaller items with the cotton yarn, I had just enough yarn left to try my hand at making Pee Pee Tee Pees (little cone shaped objects to throw over a baby boy while diaper changes are being done, to keep him from showering you and everything else).

I looked at several on line, but decided to make my own.  So, here is the pattern below.  My assumption when writing this pattern is that someone making this knows the basics of crocheting.

Size G/6 – 4.25mm hook
Scraps of Cotton yarn, worsted weight
Crochet in rounds
(Mine weighed .3 oz finished.  The blue one is 100% cotton.  The camouflage one is 85% cotton, 15% polyester)

Form slip knot.
Chain 4, slip stitch into slip knot to form circle
Round 1:  6 sc in ring
Round 2:  2 sc in each sc (12 sc)
Round 3:  12 sc
Now you should have a bowl shape.   (See picture below)
Bowl shape

Flip the bowl inside out. Your yarn end will be to the inside now. 
Fold the bowl in half.  This will make it easier to work your stitches around the edge. (see picture below)
Fold inverted bowl in half with stitches along the top.

Round 4:  2 sc in next sc, 2 sc.  Repeat 4 times (16 sc)
Round 5-6:  16 sc twice(2 rounds of 16 sc), or count 32 sc’s
Your “bowl” should look like this (see picture below).
Round 6 completed.

Round 7:  2 sc in next sc, 3 sc.  Repeat 4 times (20 sc)
Round 8-12:  20 sc five times (5 rounds of 20 sc), or count 100 sc’s
Now to begin the “brim” to the tee pee.  The round will be done in the front side only of each sc (see picture).
Insert hook so it goes into the "chain" along the top to begin your single crochet.  The "chain" is made up of the front (towards you) and back (inside bowl) sides.  These chains are the "tops" of your single crochet stitches.

Round 13:  2 sc in next sc, 3 sc in front side only. Repeat 4 times (25 sc)
*Join into next sc with a slip stitch.
Tie off and weave end in.
It is hard to tell, but the bottom round is the brim.
*Variation if you want a wider “brim.”
Add another row of sc (worked in front and back of sc as normal) as follows:
Round 14:  2 sc in next sc, 4 sc.  Repeat 4 times (30 sc)
Join into next sc with a slip stitch.
Tie off and weave end in.
Here's one I did with 2 rounds on the brim.  I think I like 2 rounds more than just 1 round.

Here are both of the ones I made.