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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not Much Ado

Took the neighbor to the doctor this morning at 11 and I think we were back home by 1.  Then I ate some yogurt and granola for lunch and worked on the computer the rest of the day, basically.  Haven't felt great most of the day.  Stomach messed up and a dull headache and spending time in the bathroom.  Fortunately, no puking, even though I thought I might need to.  I am praying it is just a 24 hour something or another!

It was fairly warm today, even with being cloudy and windy

The blossoms are turning green.

Something happened at the neighbor's across the street tonight.  Lori was talking to me on the phone when she said she just heard several shots.  Tim said he heard them, too.  So the police are there.  Someone said it might have been a drive-by shooting.  That is scary being that close to the house!
Thank You, Lord, for Your protection!