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Monday, March 27, 2017

Preachers and Their Preaching

Today was the preacher's meeting in Statesville, NC.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity to attend these meetings! I absolutely LOVE the fellowship around God's Word and the fellowship with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ! What a wonderful privilege to know these dedicated men and women! The preaching is so good! It seemed especially so today! Thank You, Lord, for these men and women! Bless their individual ministries in a special way! Bless the preaching of the Gospel in a special way! May the fruits of their labor be many!

I started the day with cleaning up the kitchen. When I got the dishwasher loaded and started, then I swept the floors. Then I mopped the floors.

After I ate my brunch at 10:30, I went to Walmart to make the deposit. When I got back, I had just a little bit of time to work on the scrapbook, then get ready to go to the meeting.

The weather was iffy. The church parking lot was a little wet this morning. While at the meeting, we heard thunder and could see the rain falling from clouds in the distance.

As soon as I made my blog post yesterday, I saw the Red-headed woodpecker out my craft room window. I knew it would do no good to go out with the camera because it would fly away as soon as I opened the door. So I opted to photograph it through my craft room window. Not bad pictures considering I have blinds on one window, plus I have to take the pictures through not just one window, but two. And both windows have screens on them!  I was amazed how long he stayed on the tree!  Here's ALL of the pictures I took!  He is so beautiful!
He hung onto the side of the tree first.

Then he moved to one of the branches.

He looked around.....

turned his head.....

turned his head ALL the way around!

He just sat there, like he was enjoying himself!  Tim was napping at the time, but half an hour later (at least) he was still there for Tim to see!
Tim's mom shared some bird stories with me that I will share with you:

"Jenn's living room windows are long and go to the floor.  One night a couple years ago she heard a commotion at the window, went over and opened the blind to find a red-tailed hawk had grabbed a rabbit but it was too heavy to fly away with, so he was struggling, saw her and flew away."  (Jenn is Tim's sister, Jennifer.)

"Jenn works with a girl who has a lovely fish pond and a pet koi they loved named, Gill, whom they fed by hand.  One day, they saw a big shadow and a blue heron swooped down and grabbed Gill and flew away with him.  They were so upset as they really loved that fish."  AWWW!  Poor Gill!

"Speaking as we were of Canadian Geese, did you know when a flock is feeding and all busy looking at the ground, there is the Alpha goose who does not feed, but is the lookout for the enemy.  I always notice this.  All are eating and one is on guard.  I have wondered when the male wants to eat, who takes over the guard job?"  Good question!

"I do love that bluebird, too, especially since I have never seen one around here."  I'm surprised she has never seen a bluebird in her area as she lives right next to some woods.

She also told me what really attracts woodpeckers is suet cakes.  I have a suet cake that I got when I got the feeders, but I have not put it out yet because I thought I had some mesh around somewhere in my craft stuff, but I haven't found it yet.  I may end up having to get one of the wire cages after all.

I didn't have time to take to sit and watch the feeder today, however, while I was working on the scrapbook for a bit, I saw the cardinal back at the feeder.  I will "catch" him on the camera one of these days!  :D

And, that was my day!  A wonderfully blessed Monday!  Hope yours was!