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Friday, March 17, 2017

Sweet Fellowship

The Lord is so faithful to surround us with loving and supportive people in our church, and this group of ladies is NO exception!  I am just so blessed every time we gather together.  Of the 15 ladies who attend our services regularly, we have such a great percentage of them who make a special effort to come to the monthly meetings.  It is this group that you can count on to be praying for you.  It is this group that you can count on when you need something.....anything!  They would give you the shirt off of their own backs if you needed it!  We are so blessed!  Thank You, Lord!

Of the other 4 ladies, one had a relative show up at her house as she was getting ready to come, one is not feeling well, one is in Florida for the winter, and one cannot get out in the cold weather.  The lady behind my left shoulder hostessed our meeting, meal and devotion tonight.  It was absolutely wonderful!  The little lady behind my right shoulder is our oldest member.  She will be 93 years young in a couple of months!  I adore all of them!

Here's a few other photos from our gathering:

Gathering for prayer before we eat.

What a spread!  Donna is a WONDERFUL cook!

Enjoying their food, (until I told them not to chew for the picture).

Gathering for the devotion.  Have I mentioned how wonderful the devotion was?!

The silly pose!  :D

So, last night I was up all night working on ideas for items to make for the consignment shop!  I fixed an egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast around 6:30 and finally laid down when Tim went across to the office at 8:00 and slept til almost noon.  Then I got up and did my Bible work.  Tim ate lunch before I got up, but came over around 1 to get a drink.  I wrote up the grocery list and he went with me to Walmart.  When we came back I went outside to see what birds I could find.  They were very busy on the ground getting food.  I even worked on a scrapbook page.  Here's the photos and layout:

This is the photo I used for my scrapbook layout below, only I flipped it.

The blackbirds were busy, too!  I caught a couple of them in flight.....the one near the center of the page and one flying off the right side.

I love the coloring around the eyes.

Because of the size, I believe this is the morning dove I've seen hanging around lately.  Couldn't get a clear shot of it.

From eating to roosting.  From sunshine to cloudy.  We did end up getting a few sprinkles tonight.
I used "Bug Off" kit by Connie Prince at the Digi Chick.

And, that's it for me today!  Nite!