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Saturday, March 4, 2017


Took the neighbor to get groceries today so she didn't have to hire Uber to do it.  I needed some things, anyway, so why not?  We went to Aldi and then Walmart.  We were gone for a couple of hours.

After I got back home, I started knitting on the baby blanket again.  While I was knitting on it, I decided I didn't like the feel of the yarn I was originally using.  So, I found some soft yarn in my stash and started another blanket.  And since I have 2 skeins, I decided I wanted to make a bigger blanket.  What was I thinking?!  :D  I'll get through it, though!  :D

Tim and I ate a couple of White Castle frozen sliders for lunch (that is, after we thawed them and heated them up).  They just are not the same as the real deal!  I have decided I'm going to get some slider buns and make my own sliders!

We've been eating later than we used to for supper.  Five has been the norm for awhile now.  However, the sliders were gone by two o'clock, so Tim decided supper needed to be at 4 o'clock today!  I had to agree with him!  I asked him what he wanted.  "Ham, baked beans and macaroni and cheese!"  So, what the doctor wants, the doctor gets!  :D

The macaroni cooking.  The wooden spoon trick worked in keeping the foam from boiling over!

Leftover ham fried in butter.

Baked beans.

And, for dessert, Triple Berry Cobbler with French Vanilla ice cream.

I didn't have the right setting on the camera, so the turquoise blanket doesn't look turquoise at all!  I guess I'm about 1/5 of the way done.  It will be about 30" x 30" compared to the original one of  21" x 21".
Here's the original one I was working on last night.  You can see it is much more narrow than the one above.  It will make a nice doll blanket for some little girl.  :D
I decided I need to put the butterfly tray project on hold til I get the baby blanket done.

Have a great weekend!