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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I'm a Bird Watcher

I'm a bird watcher
I'm a bird watcher
Watching birds go by
My, my, my!

Sorry!  Wrong song!  :D
I have to say that I am really enjoying watching for birds on a daily basis!  I love being able to zoom in on them with my camera!  I got pictures of 5 different ones today:

It is hard to tell because of the lighted background, but this is a bluebird.

There's a hint more blue on the wings in this picture.
Mocking bird

These next ones are taken of a bird that was very small.  Because of the red on the head and throat (see next picture), I am thinking this is a house finch.

The markings on the wings and side is another reason I think it is a house finch, according to pictures on the internet.

The mocking bird again.

Love this picture!

Bet you know who this is!

Caught Mrs. Robin eating.
I've never paid attention to the coloring around the eyes before.

Blue jay
Just beautiful!

More pictures from today's activities:

My favorite breakfast meat!

I finally learned the secret to fixing bacon just right!  I turn the burner to medium and leave it there.  Bacon is another thing I used to always cook on too high of a temperature, or was in too big of a hurry to get it done!

YAY!!! Hyacinth blooms!

The sky early in the day.
It might be hard to see, but the blooms were blowing off of the Japanese cherry trees today and the sight of it on the ground made me think of the story of the children of Israel being provided manna and they would have to gather it off of the ground each day.

This is what was laying on the ground.  Not in as big of a cluster as this one that I pulled off of the tree.  Calvin says they are Japanese Apple trees instead of Japanese Cherry trees.

This is the tree that the house finches were playing around.  I was sitting on the stoop on the side of the house.

The clouds and the wind moved in early afternoon.

It poured, lightening and thunder present, too, in the late afternoon.

Supper tonight was leftover pasta with Italian sausage, fried red peppers and onions and garlic bread.
I got a card today from my secret sister.

It did make me smile, too!

Had to take the neighbor downtown Winston.  The rounded building behind the tree in the middle is the building you can see from my shot yesterday of downtown Winston from our street.  This is one street over from Main St.

A picture taken at church tonight.
The weather kept lots of people home tonight for the services.  Beside sickness, that is.  There were only 8 of us.  Tim brought a good lesson from 1 John 4:1-6, "Don't Believe Everything You Hear."  You can listen to it HERE.

A thrifting we will go tomorrow!  :D


jeday0323 said...

I love the bird pictures! And hyacinth are in my top 5 favorite flowers. They used to bloom at our Maryland house - they smell wonderful. I'd love to plant some here, but I don't know how to keep deer from eating flowers.

Vicky said...

Good morning, sweetie!
Yes, I would agree. Hyacinth rank near the top of my list, too, after daisies and daffodils, I think! :D
I don't know how to keep the deer from eating anything if they want it, lol! However, I have heard if you put human hair down in an area, that will keep them away. Experiment time? :D