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Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Wonderful Thrifting Day, As Always

The day started with breakfast at IHOP.  We both tried a new item on the menu.  HUGE cinnamon rolls!  It was more than one could eat, so the next time we will share one order!

We went a new direction today with our thrifting.  We headed east to Burlington, which is past Greensboro.  And then had one in Whitsett on the way back.

This box is full of Grace Livingston Hill books at Salvation Army!  However, lots of them were 2 and 3 of the same titles.  I ended up with 11 of them, which is still GREAT!  AND, the best part of all is that I only paid $0.10 each!  CHA CHING!!!

I got the 3 Debbie Macomber books for $0.25 each!  So, I spent less than $2 on these books!  THAT'S my kind of thrifting!

When we headed back home, besides the thrift store in Whitsett, we stopped at the farmer's market at exit 208 on I40 to look at their plants for Tim's office.  They had some beautiful bird feeders, too, but at $50 for the glass bowl and $40 for the stand, I think I'll pass!  Get the trash can lid out!  :D

As usual, when we eat breakfast out, we skip lunch.  So, we stopped in High Point on the way back to try a new restaurant (for us) that we saw there.  Giannos.  Both of us had their lasagna.  HUGE portions, so we brought half of it home!

When we got home, the church parking lot was filled with the neighbor kids and cousins!  I wanted to sit outside and watch for birds to visit the new feeders, but I didn't have much hope of any visitors with all of the kid activity.  But, lo and behold, 2 chickadees were very brave!  They didn't stay lit very long, however!  The first one I snapped as he was flying off.

And, the next picture I snapped as he ducked his head to eat, so you can barely see him.  Hopefully they will tell all of their friends and cousins that there's a new feeder in town!  :D

OK, that's it for our day!  It was a bit warmer today than yesterday, but still pretty chilly!

Time to do some reading!  Nite!