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Monday, March 6, 2017

Put de Lime in de Coconut

HA!  I don't know why I thought about this song when I was thinking about the doctor visit today.
Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up
You put the lime in the coconut and call the doctor woke him up
I said Doctor!  Is there nothing I can take
I said Doctor! To relieve this bellyache
I said Doctor! Is there nothing I can take
I said Doctor! To relieve this bellyache

Waiting for Tim to be called back for the MRI

Gotta be doing something while I am waiting.  This is a lacy scarf.
Praising the Lord for the results of the brain MRI Tim had today.  No new melanoma spots!  But, one of the old spots that had been radiated is bleeding, so the doctor said he would keep an eye on it and schedule the next scan for 6-8 weeks instead of the usual 3 months.

After the MRI we went to Hardee's by the hospital for breakfast.  Then went to the doctor appointment where he gave us the above results of the MRI.  Before we left the hospital, we got another month's worth of cancer meds.

After we got home, I copied the items we needed at the grocery store from the list on the fridge and made out the deposit so I could run to Walmart while Tim got busy in the office at church.

I spent some time knitting after I got back.  And also got out to get some pictures.

Photo prompt:  Sky

One of the 3 amigos looking for food in the field next to the house.

The 3 amigos

Photo prompt:  In the air

The daffodils are hanging on but are starting to wilt

This one is wilted

This one still looks good

The rose bush coming back to life

I was at a point where I needed to decide whether to continue in the same exact pattern, or change it up a bit here in the middle to use as much yarn as possible.  So, I opened the picture up in my photo editing program, duplicated the photo, trimmed it up, flipped it around and made the following "look alike" to determine whether to start another border row or continue with the pattern.

My concern was that fixing it like shown here, the skinnier mid section might look weird.  But, I think it will be fine.

It was another chilly day, but the sun was pretty til this afternoon when the clouds rolled in.  But, by evening, the clouds were thinning out.  We never got any rain.

Gotta take the neighbor to a doctor's appt. tomorrow.  Also need to do some checkbook work and, of course, do some more knitting.  I will probably take the knitting or the crocheting to the doctor's office while I wait on the neighbor.

Have a great day!


jeday0323 said...

We are so happy to hear Tim's results! Selfishly we want him here as long as possible!

I love the last picture of the sky over church at sunset. I actually really like the picture of the wilted daffodil too.

We call the crows that hang out around here our "crow gang." :-) Three amigos is better!

Vicky said...

AMEN! We certainly DO want him here as long as possible!!!!!!!

I love the sky over the church, too! Especially when there are clouds and the sun setting.

I don't know why that phrase popped into my head with the crows. But it seemed to fit for some reason, LOL!