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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Take a Break

Fill in the blank.....
"You deserve a break today.  So, get up and get away to........"

Sometimes you just have to take a break.  Today was one of those days for Tim.  He doesn't sleep very well, and he hasn't since the cancer and various treatments began in 2013.  I walked into the office at church one day and he did not hear me come in.  He was asleep in his office chair.  I hate it for him.

Today must have been rough because when he was getting ready to go back to the office after lunch, he asked me if I would want to take a break and go to "our" thrifts in a couple of hours.  He didn't have to ask me twice, even though I didn't need a break!  :D  When we got back, after being out in the brisk air he said, "OK!  I'm awake now!"  :D

Today's photos:

I made some French toast for my breakfast today.  I can't tell you when the last time was that I fixed it!  It was really good!  It's a good way to use stale bread!

Today I washed the rest of the baby items I made.  I laid them all out on this towel covering my ironing board so they could air dry.  

It was cloudy all day today.  And it was too cold to stay out for very long to take pictures.  The wind was really cold!

Mocking bird looking for food.

Time to do some reading since I'm done with baby things!