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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Women's Conference

Two years ago we (the ladies of the church) got an invitation to attend a Women's Conference and Tim and I were out of town.  Last year I was sick.  But THIS year, I finally got to attend!  There were 7 ladies from our church that attended.  We had a wonderful time!  The host church said this was their biggest crowd yet.  Wonderful ladies!

Joy and Sharon sang.

I think I heard someone say there were about 40 women in attendance today.  Lois told me the first year the number in attendance could line up along the first row of seats.  Today's group maxed out their dining facilities!

The conference began at 2:00.  I got home around 5:45.  Had no idea it would last that long, which included refreshments afterwards.  But, I cannot get motivated to do anything now that I'm home.  So, I guess I'll finish up the laundry and do some reading this evening.

I did take a few bird photos after I got home.
Mocking bird

Ignoring me.
Now I have your attention!

Hard to believe that less than half an hour before this the clouds were very ominous looking, with lightning, even!
Well, I've just about got the laundry done, which interrupted my post.  I also got Tim's shirts ironed!  The next to the last load is in the dryer.  So, I'm ready to go read.

I forgot to post a picture of the 2 bracelets I made during my all-nighter night before last.  The purple one will probably go into the consignment shop, but not sure about the green and pink one.  And a granddaughter might end up with both of them!  :D  The purple one turned out MUCH smaller than I intended!

Oh, yeah!  This was breakfast for me today, which is all I had until the refreshments at the conference.  So, I think I'll grab something to eat while I read!  Nite!
Blueberry waffles with bacon.  LOVE bacon dipped in syrup!