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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day Trippin' Part 2

Well, since I didn't get the pictures posted from the iPad last night, I will post them tonight.

We stayed in the Holiday Inn in Florence, KY last night, right off I-75 at the Union exit.  It is right across the street from Dream Street (restaurant heaven) where Bob Evans is.

The original plan was to head home this morning.  However, we met my brother, Joe and his wife, Rachel at 9:00 at Bob Evans.  It was great to see them!  We rarely ever get to see Rachel.  I see Joe every once in a while.  So, since we were so close, I wanted to see them if possible.  So, I'm glad Joe was feeling up to the trip after shoulder surgery a little over a week ago.

After we left them, we headed to a couple of Goodwills in the area and then headed down I-75S to Lexington.  I had 6 Goodwill addresses for there, plus one in Georgetown.  We only got 4 of the ones in Lexington done.  Then Tim decided he was hungry and tired and wanted to find something to eat before heading home.  I saw a Newk's Eatery (the one near us closed) and that is where we stopped.  I guess it was around 3 before we got on I-64 and headed East toward West Virginia and then down to home.

We got home and had the car unloaded by 9:30.  I'm very tired, but wanted to get these pictures posted.  We had a quick, but nice trip.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Headed out.  6:50 a.m.

Beautiful sunrise

I wonder how much Winston Salem wasted on these arches AND I wonder what in the world they are supposed to represent, if anything????

Our Pilot Mountain in the morning sun

Knitting on the baby blanket

At mile marker 25 in Virginia there was a bad wreck.  It looked as if someone slammed into the rear end of a car at full speed.  We were in traffic for 40 minutes, most of it just sitting with the engine off.  It made us late for the rest of the day.

But, with the traffic delay, I was able to finish the baby blanket before we stopped for lunch with Nat.

Our handsome son and his beautiful daughter

A sweet smile from Adalina Grace.  Such a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!  She gave us big hugs when we left.

We ate at Bob Evans in Cross Lanes, WV

Mid afternoon snack

Tim's dad and step mom

While Tim was helping his mom with her computer, I went out in her back yard to see what birds I could find.  Too many limbs to get a good picture of this cardinal that was singing it's little heart out.

These morning doves were perched on a branch not much higher than my head.

Tim's mom

Friday, March 10, 2017
There were some old photos framed in the hotel room.  This was one of them.  My thought was, "I wonder if they would have had room for Jesus?"

Waiting for Joey and Rachel to join us for breakfast at Bob Evans

It sure was great to see them!

Man, was the wind cold in Kentucky today!  I don't think it got higher than 42 all day, even though it was beautiful, it was COLD!!!

Tim washing the window.....

.....and then drying it so it wouldn't streak

Not many clouds when we started out this morning.

An old barn as we drove to Lexington

And another

After the last Goodwill, we went across the parking lot to the Kroger to get some more Cincinnati style chili packets.  Guess what we will be having on Saturday?  :D

We were sure happy to see Newk's, especially since the one near us closed.

In our happy place.....getting ready to eat!

Tim really likes their pizza.  I really like the soup and half sandwich combo, which is what I had.  I wasn't super hungry still, so I brought the soup home.

Bright sunshine, but not warm!

God owns the cattle of a thousand hills!

An old farm house

The moon is almost full!

The gold-leafed capitol building in Charleston, WV.

We have 3 tolls going and coming through WV.  There is talk of raising the fee from $2 to $3 per car per booth!  YIKES!

The sun very quickly disappearing behind the mountains to our right.


Brine was on the WV roads and on NC's roads, too.

Nite all!