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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day Trippin'

We made a quick trip to Kentucky today to see Tim's parents.  On the way there we stopped in WV to have lunch with our son, Nathanael and his daughter, Adalina. They didn't get to come for Christmas with the rest of the family, so we still had Addy's gifts. So we were glad to be able to give them to her.

We sat in traffic for 40 minutes at mile marker 25 in Virginia on the way up from NC. So that threw our whole day off. We didn't get to Tim's dad's house until the time we usually would be leaving for his mom's. And since we weren't, she had visions of us being dead on the road somewhere after a supposed wreck! So sorry we caused her unnecessary stress!

Here's a few pictures (not sure you will be able to see them as I have never done this from the iPad before):