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Monday, March 13, 2017

Mallard Ridge Monday

A carb Monday.
A cold Monday.
A new church sign Monday.
A deposit and grocery Monday.
A creating Monday.
A leftover Monday.
A conversation with a daughter Monday.
A Mallard Ridge Monday.
A Monday that ended with a cold rain.

Reheated Blueberry pancakes.

French Vanilla coffee

Working on the sign

This week's sign

The 3rd hyacinth finally bloomed

How pretty!

Well, the sky doesn't look as bad in this picture as it did with the naked eye!  Not enough gray showing here.

Another baby washcloth done.
One of the residents at Mallard Ridge Assisted Living Center, a regular attender to our services, was already seated when we arrived.  When I tried to hand him a song book, he didn't respond with the same jovial, happiness that he usually does.  He finally took it and I moved on.  But, as the time passed while the rest of our people were arriving and shaking hands, he was definitely showing signs of something being wrong.  Someone brought him to the attention of one of the CNA's who came in to check on him, took him to his room to check his vitals, and the next thing we knew, paramedics were arriving and, sure enough, they wheeled him out on a gurney.  He was sitting up, not laying down, so I don't know what that means.

It was told to me that one of the workers said he would probably be moved to the Alzheimer's unit before long.  So sad.  I know first hand what Alzheimer's does to someone.  It is what took my precious mother away from us years before she died.

I could never work in a place like that.  Nor could I work in a nursing home.  I would become too attached to the people.  It would be too hard to lose them.  It is bad enough seeing things like what happened tonight.  But, since we are only there for an hour once a month, I am still pretty much disconnected from them, which would not be the case if I worked there on a daily basis.  I don't think any of the people who were in the services when we first came in 2008 are there still.  If they are, they are not able to come.  But, if I had to guess, I'd say most, if not all, have died.

I pray I don't have to live and die anywhere else but home.



Stephanie Jividen said...

I could never work in those places either. I am way too weepy and wouldn't be able to hold it together. So sad.