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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bath Time

Let me think.  What did I do today?  The first thing I had to do was take care of a headache that I had all night long!  But, I take two Equate acetaminophen PMs every night, so I couldn't take any more meds til this morning!  An hour later, I'm good to go.....usually, which was the case today.

I did some more cleaning of bed linens and the window sill of one of the windows down in the guest room, as well as dusting in there.  I'll have to run the vacuum really good in there in the next week or so to get ready for the revival speaker that will be staying with us.

Jersey Mike's sub shop was donating 100% of their proceeds from today to charity, so Tim wanted to go there for lunch.  My stomach is still a tad "off" so I got a mini Italian on wheat and he got a regular Italian on white.  He also got chips and a drink, but I just wanted a drink.

After we got home, I put the clean linens back on the bed in the guest room.  Then headed outside to work on a project that I started before we even moved here in 2008!  When I got that done, I walked next door to take a picture of Lori in her work clothes where she had been trimming branches all afternoon.  And I helped her move her lighthouse bird feeder from the porch area to a tree branch across the drive way because she couldn't reach the branch.

Then back to the house to shower for church, fix supper and then help Lori with Carolyn and then to church.

We had a nice surprise at church tonight.  If you remember, back in January I mentioned a member's husband, who was in rehab at a nursing home at that time, made a profession of faith when Tim went to visit him after we got back from our Florida vacation.  Well, we have continued to pray that he would eventually make it to church.  And tonight was the night, praise the Lord!  Everyone was just so happy to see him!  It was a wonderful answer to prayer!  Thank You, Lord!

OK, now for the pictures from today:

To begin with, some spring blooms I saw on the way to and from Jersey Mike's.

I'm pretty sure this is a poppy, which I LOVE because it is red!

And this red bud tree is beautiful, but never could understand why it is called a red bud when the buds are purple!

This beauty is a tree in front of Lori's house.

OK, so here's an evolution question for you.....What do you think these objects "evolved" into?

A couple of piles of Lori's hard work today.

It's days like this that she really misses Frank!  We miss Frank, too!

The new location of her bird feeder

You have to look really hard to see the bird feeder in this picture.  There are two feeders.  One on the left and one on the right.  Also, you can see the parsonage (our house) across the field on the left of the picture.

Here's something fun you might be interested in.  Tim's mom told me about this site today.  It is a daily electronic jig saw puzzle.  I was thinking it was a site of bird puzzles, but it does have other puzzles, some being dumb ones, according to Tim's mom.  So just realize that.  Anyway, here's the link, if you want to take a look-see:  Jig Zone
Today's puzzle was a Black Night Heron - Beautiful!!!

OK, if you guessed that the miscellaneous items in the above "evolution" picture would "evolve" into a bird bath, you are a winner!  :D  It is hard to tell in this first picture, but the base is dark green and the dish is blue.

Now, the story behind this is that I saw the DIY bird feeder (shown in the first picture below) in a craft magazine several years BEFORE we moved from Buffalo, WV to Winston Salem, NC.  I had the three pots and the dish FOREVER!  When we moved, I decided I was going to bring the pots because ONE OF THESE DAYS I was going to make this bird bath!!!!!!!

Well, since I've been bird-crazed lately, I decided it was time!  So, I gathered up the spray paints down in the basement that we have collected over the years and all of the other items you saw in the previous picture and.....................

Voila!  The new bird bath!  I know, I know!  If you are thinking that it doesn't look ANYTHING like the one above, you are correct!  But, this was a USE-WHAT-YOU-HAVE moment!  And, for right now, I really like the dark green base and the blue dish!  And it was such a beautiful day today that the spray paint dried pretty quickly, which allowed me to get it done quickly!  A win-win for me who likes to see QUICK results!

I first sprayed a clear finish over the pots to seal them.  Then I sprayed the green.  The dish was already sealed, except for around the rim, for whatever reason.  So I sprayed the edge and then inverted the dish to spray the bottom of it green and then sprayed the inside of the dish the beautiful shade of blue!  I purposely sprayed the blue so it would run down the side, to look like water running over the edge.  But, I don't like it, so I will probably cover it up with the green.  Plus, I got some of the blue on the green pots that I need to cover up, anyway.

Here's the color of the dish.  Isn't that beautiful?  I will add water to it tomorrow!  Well, I will probably wait until Friday because we won't be home tomorrow.

That was my day!  Hope you had a great one!

Tomorrow is our thrifting day!  Have a good one!